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Keeping privacy and security with Bitcoin mixers

If you made a payment to someone in bitcoins, anyone at any time can track from which address this payment was made. Modern wallets make this task a little more difficult for non-professionals, but usual measures will not protect against serious research. Let’s find out how Bitcoin mixers work.

Key points about Bitcoin anonymity

Bitcoin is not an anonymous but a pseudonymous network. Bitcoin users can be identified by the addresses they use. Bitcoins are not listed in your wallet. A wallet is simply software that helps you manage all of your addresses through a private key from which the addresses were created using asymmetric cryptography. When you set up a wallet on the Bitcoin network, you create a private key to create and use an arbitrary number of addresses. In most modern wallets, the user himself does not even see the key but instead receives a secret phrase by which the key can be restored. Your “balance” is the sum of the balances of all your Bitcoin addresses. The entire history of funds transfers between different addresses is visible worldwide and will always be stored in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Crypto mixers exist not only in the Bitcoin network. A Bitcoin mixer like YoMix is a software service that provides services for “obfuscating” traces in the blockchain. Thus, the mixer makes the “laundered” bitcoins anonymous enough to make it extremely difficult to trace their connection with you.

How to choose the best Bitcoin mixer?

When choosing a reliable mixer, you should consider the following points:

  • registration procedure;
  • commission big;

Among mixers, some sites allow users to use services without registration, and some require mandatory registration. When filling in the fields, you should consider what personal data the site needs. Most often, the registration procedure does not require much time and does not involve entering an email address.

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