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Learn all the advantages and disadvantages of Autotrading

Have you ever wondered what are the advantages and disadvantages of auto trading nowadays? What does auto trading mean, and how important is it to a serious crypto trader?

First, you must understand the very concept of auto trading and its essential basics to understand its advantages and disadvantages fully. If you read the BitiCodes review, for example, you could immediately see what the advantages are, that is, the benefits of auto trading with a quality platform.

But before we get to all that, let’s see what auto trading is, shall we?

What is Autotrading exactly?

Autotrading, also called the “automated trading system,” represents a specific mechanism for participating in organized financial markets. These markets utilize algorithmic trading systems with which numerous investors place traders to purchase or sell automatic financial instruments.

For doing this, a specific algorithmic program initiates orders by implementing either investor-program rules or predetermined rules. For automated system usage that has proven to be the most efficient and common in securities markets, there are some things that investors need to do.

He has to select a platform on which several predetermined rules and parameters are established. An investor chooses to arrange a set of custom-built rules via all these systems. According to these rules, if particular conditions or variables are fulfilled or some events occur, all the related selling and buying orders will be executed automatically.

The advantages of Autotrading

There are numerous advantages of Autotrading that you should be familiar with. However, here are the top three:

  • Absence of emotional bias. With automated trading, there is no place for human emotions since it avoids erratic decision-making by investors alike risk aversion and overconfidence.
  • It provides secure access to international markets and financial instruments. In turn, it all creates a more diversified investment strategy.
  • Autotrading enables numerous transactions to be carried out in the same period. The reason for that is parameters for purchasing and selling financial instruments are already predetermined by this type of automated trading. Thus, a trader isn’t required to do any actions.

The disadvantages of Autotrading

However, besides numerous advantages, there are some crucial disadvantages of automated trading, such as:

  • It’s not a completely infallible automated trading system. It has a certain amount of mechanical errors or computer risk.
  • The auto trading system can be unreliable since the rules of parameters are developed even before they’re executed. So, these orders may produce biased results in the end, or they could have a more adverse effect.
  • It may cause an over-optimized effect, resulting from backtesting to find and choose the best possible scenario for investors.


Automated trading certainly brought many benefits and made everyday trading activities easier for many. A quality trading platform gives you easy access to cryptocurrencies, leading technology with powerful trading algorithms, and highly accurate results.

However, before you embark on this type of trading, be prepared for all its good and bad sides. Ensure to find a reliable and high-quality auto-trading platform that you can trust! Good luck on your path to success!

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